Here are some payment proofs of mine.

Until February 2014, I was getting PRODUCT VOUCHERS as my payments. They are in TEXT MESSAGE format in my mobile. So, I could not post them here.

After March 2014, I started getting cheques as my payments. See how it grows. (Click on each cheque to view it larger.)

My latest payment. (This was directly paid to my bank, so I posted the statement.)

Well. I just wanted to emphasize the potential of this opportunity and that's why I opted for Cheque payment. I think I have done fair enough. So, I will not be uploading any other proof of my own, but I may upload the proof of my downline members from time to time. I have given the income proof if my team member Mr.SRIHARAN (a student). Just remember how many youths are struggling to get a job after their studies. And see the power of an opportunity that starts at just Rs.700.