Have you been spending money on buying your regular products like ToothPaste, ToothBrush, Tea / Coffee, Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Deo Spray, Talcum Powder, Hair Oil and few other?

You might be thinking "What a ridiculous question? Everyone does the same." Well, I do the same, but I earn money while doing the same. (If you want, you can check my payment proofs page.)

It is not just extra money. It is really huge money that many people are making. (My mentor's last month income was INR 11,26,000+. Can you believe it?) Check my payment proofs page. You will be surprised.

Earnings of few people who joined with us.
Name:Mr.Siddharth Singh Name:Mr. Michael Name:Mr. Ashok Ghosh Name:Ms. Karpagam Name:Mr. AG. Sai Kanna Name:Mr. Balashanmugam Name:Mr. R.S. Rajan Name:Mr. Dr. Arun Kumar Name:Mr. M.H. Lakshmikumaran Name:Ms. Victoria Selvi
Previously:AMWAY Distributor Previously:EB Meter Reader
(Salary Rs.8000)
Previously:Courier Delivery Man Previously:Small Vendor Previously:Small Vendor
(Milk Man)
Previously:Lorry Driver Previously:Senior Officer
(Salary Rs.1.5+ lakhs)
Previously:Employee of TVS Motors Previously:Home Maker
Now:Vestige Distributor Now:Vestige Distributor Now:Vestige Distributor Now:Vestige Distributor Now:Vestige Distributor Now:Vestige Distributor Now:Vestige Distributor Now:Vestige Distributor Now:Vestige Distributor Now:Vestige Distributor
Rs.50,00,000+ per month
(Yes. 50+ Lakhs. Not typo error.)
per month
per month
per month
per month
per month
Rs.14,00,000+ per month
(Yes. 14+ Lakhs.)
per month
Rs.3,00,000+ per month Present
per month

Now, few Questions & Answers about the company and the products. (The questions are frequently asked by customers. And the answers are mine.)

Are the products costly?
Definitely NOT. Our products are the same price as in the market or sometimes even less.

Are the products' quality good?
Definitely YES. Our company's products are being exported to Nepal and Dubai. You get the same quality product here. No doubt in that.

What is the name of the company?
Our company's name is VESTIGE MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED. The head office is in New Delhi, with 35 branch offices all over India and with more than 3500 distribution centres across India. Our company is 13 years experienced now.

Can you list your products with their price?
Yes. (Our company has more than 90 products, which include HealthCare products too.) Here, I am listing the regular consumable items only.

Name of the product    Quantity    Distributor Price
ToothPaste    100 grams    Rs.65
Assam Leaf Tea    250 grams    Rs.107
100% Natural Instant Coffee    50 grams    Rs.158
Grade I Toilet Soap    100 grams    Rs.35
Shampoo    200 ml.    Rs.163
Talcum Powder    100 grams    Rs.50
Deodorant Spray    150 ml    Rs.163
Shaving Cream    100 grams    Rs.99
Pain Relief Cream    50 grams    Rs.133
Foot Cream    50 grams    Rs.141

Apart from this, we have Face Wash, Fairness Cream, Face Pack, SunScreen Lotion, Cleanser & Toner, Moisturising Lotion, Face Scrub, Hair Conditioner, Anti-aging cream etc. Our company guarantees that all the products are international quality.

What should I do to earn?
First, you should register your name with the company. (It is free, but you need to fill an application form.)

Then you should buy products worth Rs.700 approximately. You should continue to buy products worth Rs.700 every month. If you wish to earn good money, you shall recommend our products to your friends and family. (NO LOSS to anyone at any point. If it works out, it's just WIN-WIN situation for all.)

I am already buying these products near my home. Why should I buy from your company?
Let me ask you a simple question.
Not only you, your previous generations too have been buying these products for years together. Did it give anything in return?
  • Our company, Vestige, gives you a GUARANTEED FREE PRODUCT every month, with a minimum purchase around Rs.800. (Did your retailer give anything?)
  • Our company, Vestige gives you GUARANTEED CASHBACK for your own purchase ranging from 2.5% to 11% of the purchase value. (Does your retailer give anything?)
  • Our company, Vestige gives you incentives for referring customers. (Not some silly incentive, big big incentive. Check the payment proofs page.)
The only thing you need is CONSISTENCY. Just keep buying products from Vestige as if it is a mission to get rich and consistently promote this website with your link. (You can just append your Vestige ID to the end of this website's URL, like http://getrichguarantee.com/?r=12345678 where 12345678 should be replaced with your Vestige ID.)

Where can I buy your products?
  1. You can visit nearest branch and buy products. Check HERE for branches.
  2. Go to ONLINE SHOP and order online.
  3. Download an app. HERE to order via your smartphone.

How much I can earn?
Well. It depends on you. If you just keep buying products for yourself only, you will earn around Rs.25 to Rs.100 every month. But if you recommend our products to your friends and neighbours, you can earn unlimited income. (See the 'payment proofs' page and decide.)

How will I be paid?
Until your earnings cross Rs.100, it will not be released. Once it reaches Rs.100, you will get VOUCHER CODE as message in your cellphone. You can use this voucher code to buy products. If your income crosses Rs.500, you will be paid either via CHEQUE or BANK TRANSFER.

If you would like to register, please click the button below.


If there is any hiccup in filling the form, please send the following details to my email : contactsafe67 @ gmail.com
Details to be sent: Your name, your date of birth, your full address, your mobile number and scanned copy of ID proof (Aadhaar/Passport/Driving License/Voter ID). Please mention 'Referred by: ' in the email. Without this ID, your sign up will not be complete.