This person's name is Mr.Siddharth Singh. (He is my leader too.)
If I say that this man's average monthly income is Rs.50 Lakhs, are you able to believe it? (This October 2017 his income was Rs.54 Lakhs). Can your mind even accept that an opportunity starting with Rs.700 can pay this much? Click on the picture. It will zoom.

All the cars in this picture were earned through this opportunity. (There is Mercedez Benz worth Rs.50 lakhs and a Volvo worth Rs.70 lakhs.) Can you believe?

If I show you some seeds and say that a Big tree is within that seed, it may not be appealing initially. But you know it is true. The opportunity that I talk now is like that.

If you heard any bad comments about Direct selling, just remember one thing. Anyone who said that has no idea about what they are doing. I am not forcing you to join, but I insist YOU to do the research. Do not simply believe whoever saying whatever, because you cannot blame them later if you find them wrong. It is your life, you decide.

Similarly believing in myths like "we need special skill", "this won't work for me" etc. is also unnecessary. With just a start up of Rs.700, very very average people like Milk vendor, Auto-rikshaw driver, Lorry driver, Newspaperboy, Restaurant worker, Flour vendor and many other common people have succeeded. What do they have? ..... What is it you don't have? Only one thing called "Burning Desire".

Just do a quick check within yourself. Whatever you wish for, don't just wish, make it a "burning desire". If it is just a wish, most probably you will be just trying to play safe. If it is burning inside you, all I ask you is to start doing research about this opportunity. Do not postpone it, do it now, this very second. If you are convinced, start it without delay.

Finally, DO YOU LIKE SPORTS? If so, you will understand this. Have you seen any team / individual WIN by playing defense? No No No No... Attacking is the best defense. So, if you want to play safe against "Financial Crisis", it is time to rethink.